Business Intelligence & ERPs


ERP Software Solutions

ERP software can streamline processes, improve visibility, reduce costs and change the way that  your company does business. From financial and  inventory management to CRM to Human  capital  management they need to be integrated to  create a seamless experience.

Business Intelligence
BI Software is meant to give a clear overview on your company’s results and performance across  functions like finance, talent management,  operation process and customers satisfaction. Dashboards are the result of data analysis and  reporting. It is a non-mistakable tool helping  executives in identifying opportunities, detecting threats, making decisions  and taking actions.


Assess the needs of your organization and  evaluate the challenges and problems. Select, build, customize or integrate your solution, taking  into consideration your company’s exact  requirement and needs, the system requirement,  the implementation time, as well as the cost. An ROI would be helpful to make sure that your software is beneficial.

Check your infrastructure and hardware if any addition or alteration is required. Plan for the implementation.


  • Thorough advanced planning workshop, develop an agenda and a facilitation plan, Pre- meeting and interview with Key stakeholders to understand perspectives and issues.
  • Provide a change plan and formulate a coherent strategy based on the organization’s technological needs.
  • Review and enhance current solutions and performance framework.
  • Select, build, customize or integrate your solution, taking into consideration your company’s exact requirement and needs, your system requirement, the implementation time, as well as the cost.
  • Install and Implement your software, migrate your data and test. Align and fine tune after feedback.
  • Train users as a parallel process to ensure optimal results.
  • Mobile App is offered with most of our solutions, either same as full platform or limited to sales and CRM, manufacturing Output or to Dashboards and PIs.


  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Performance Management & KPIs
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Management System
  • Operations & Sales
  • Human Capital & Talent Management
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain


  • Retail
  • Hospitality: Hotels and Hospitals
  • Financial Services and Banks
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction